About the exhibition

Have you ever wondered if our early ancestors hunted the same way all over the world?

Did you know that while the Harappans were worshipping the mother goddess, the Mesopotamians had an entire pantheon of different deities? That while Mughal courts in South Asia were filled with intricate miniature paintings, the Chinese were also creating exquisite scrolls on silk?

Did traders brave the waters of the Indian Ocean to share spices, textiles, treasures, and even ideas and knowledge?

Find the answers to these questions and more as we embark on a landmark journey across nine pivotal moments in history. The exhibition on display at the National Museum, titled ‘lndia and the World: A History in Nine Stories' showcases a wide variety of objects, from sculpture to inscriptions, coins, paintings and much more! These objects are linked together to help us understand our history and explore where we are today.

The exhibition is spread over nine sections - Shared Beginnings, First Cities, Empire, State and Faith, Picturing the Divine, Indian Ocean Traders, Court Cultures, Quest for Freedom and Time Unbound. It presents small groups of objects from key periods In history in conversation with each other.

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