Tactile Exhibits

The National Museum has facilities in place for visitors with specialised access needs. A tactile tour of India and the World is also available featuring the following items and/or objects for each section:

Shared Beginnings
1. 3D painting showing the process of axe development, with Braille labels
2. 3D painting with images of 3 pots with Braille labels

First Cities
1. 3D model of Standard of Ur, with a selected panel as a 3D painting
2. Cuneiform tablet
3. Metal humped bull


1. 3D painting of the Roman, Chinese and Hindi font

1. 20cm diametre coins of, Roman Coin, Sasanian Coin, Chinese coin

1. Panel showing Mihrab
2. Alam (Panja)
3. Worshipping Chakra

Indian Ocean
1. Rhino painting in 3D
2. Wooden blocks of block print


Country Culture
1. A part of the Ming Scroll painting
2. Jahangir holding portrait of the Virgin Mary

Quest for Freedom
1. 3D model of Charkha
2. Constitution in Braille
3. Voting

Time Unbound
1. Rahu



Access for All workshops

The National Museum is collaborating with Access for All, Delhi Art Gallery (DAG) and Radio Mirchi to provide workshops for those with special needs. Access for All designs multi-sensory experiences for people with special needs as well as those who are able-bodied, with the aim providing physical, intellectual and social access to our cultural heritage.

These workshops will make the event, spaces and its programmes more welcoming and accessible to our special visitors. Each workshop has been inspired by at least one of the sections of the exhibition. Below are the different workshops planned by the National Museum, Delhi:

19 May 2018 - Build a monument/ palace (Architecture collection oriented)
20 May 2018 - Currency design (State and Faith)
23 June 2018 - Clay moulding (First Cities)
24 June 2018 - Blindfold photography (Quest for Freedom)

The workshops will be facilitated by the National Museum education department with Access for All.